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15 year old teen invents 168x faster, much cheaper, pancreatic cancer test

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Nerdz rule! So, 199 profs rejected his idea, one accepted it, and now he's come up with an idea that will save thousands of lives. It just goes to show that people should look at the worth of the idea and not the so-called "credentials" of the person who came up with the idea. I'm just wondering how the big pharmaceuticals are going to suppress it because it's so cheap and won't make them the billions they're used to making.

Jack Andraka is my new hero. Kids CAN make a difference. (And, yeah, the bells and whistles on my gaydar went crazy)

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The great thing about this moment in Jack's life is that he has these discoveries validated and can move on. An iquisitive mind like this could very well solve a multitude of medical issues in the coming years. He does seem a little overwhelmed by all the attention at the moment but he will mature and embrace success. In the family or not, I do wish him well. At least he proves there are some in this new generation with their heads in the right place.

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Oh I think he might be family it's not exactly him just going balls out excited just something about him. but besides that, it's amazing how far science has come and I guess we aren't as doomed as I thought we were. Im proud of jack.

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