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That was funny! And I'm actually a big fan of nuclear energy -- but I recognize the problems, which to me are caused by cheap contractors and crappy governments. Nuclear reactors can work... but when they start cutting corners, things go terribly wrong. (Here in LA, I actually worked on both Silkwood and The China Syndrome in the 1980s, by an amazing coincidence.)

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China Syndrome was a good movie for its time, but it's very dated, preachy, and heavy-handed today, when you go back and watch it now. It's an interesting film from a structural point of view, since it has no music, which is very rare for any Hollywood feature film.

One thing I can't deny is that when there's an unforeseen situation, like the recent Japanese tsunami hitting Fukushima, the danger of nuclear power plants is pretty overwhelming. One could make the same argument about California nuclear reactors in an earthquake. I keep hoping they'll put in a fusion reactor in the middle of the Nevada desert, maybe 500 miles away from the nearest populated area, but no dice yet.

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Fission or fusion, I think you would still need large quantities of water in order to generate electricity. A desert location would be impracticle.

Agreed. With the requirement to put it near water and away from civilization, I suggest Manhattan.

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