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As did I, FT; when I heard they didn't take attendance at college, I wanted to see it for myself. Not surprisingly, I did better there.

:spank: That's me in second grade, but in a skirt. Girls couldn't wear "slacks", and talking was a ping-pong paddle offense. I remember wondering what that teacher was so mad about all the time... he lived a block from school with another male teacher. Lesson of that day? "It won't kill you to cry in public".

And I don't know about you guys, but worse things have been said about me... all lies of course. :lipssealed:

"Was bored, and talks too much" :dry: Darn near a compliment! :hug:

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Her audience is growing and she has been known to beat Fox News in the younger demographic. She's really the only personality, along with Lawrence O'Donnell, that I watch on MSNBC. I'm not an Ed Shultz fan and I can't stand Chris Matthews, primarily because he never shuts up. I don't think there's a bigger and more obnoxious narcissist on American cable news than Chris Matthews, and that includes all the excrement on Fox. Rachel is rational, unemotional, and thoroughly researches her topics.

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