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The Littlest Angel by Paul and Paco

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Paul and Paco have given us a cute story for Christmas in Codey's World, a moving story about two brothers far from their native land, the nightmares of one, and the desire of the other to help his little brother. Its a good effort from budding writers who are developing their talent and showing promise. I recommend it. Let them know what you think about it!


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Well done guys. I think that short stories are special. To write a good one, you have to make every word count.

Unlike a novel, you can't dither around for a few chapters before you get to the point.

This story does a good job in the respect. Nothing is wasted.

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This is a powerful story from Paul and Paco. All the details ring true. The love between two brothers overcomes the stiff formality of this family and leads to an amazing outcome. It is written from the heart.

I hope we will see more from these two writers.


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Hey guys... I wish I could take half the credit for "The Littlest Angel", but I'm not a writer. At least not like my partner Paul, who deserves all the good words you have bestowed on us. Paul says I am his muse... and that is good enough for me!

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