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New Driver Story Now Finished

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Thanks, vwl!

I haven't read the last few chapters, but the rest of the story was excellent. Now that it's complete I'll finish reading it.

NOTE: If you haven't read Jack in the Box, it would be best to read the others in the series first, particularly Sudden Storm.

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The latest chapter posted is 58, which has this at the end:


Note: This chapter has been second to the last all along, but the current fnal chapter (59) was written two decades ago, and a lot of the chapters leading to this point have changed. I have to rethink the ending, and probably add a lot to tie up newer loose ends. It may be too much for a single chapter, so hang in there. I'll get it done before Christmas for sure.

That's followed by a “continued” link that takes you to a page that's headed “Chapter 59” and “Coming Soon.” But there's an updated copyright notice that extends to 2023, so that might be reason for continued optimism.

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Years ago I downloaded all of Driver's stories. I downloaded most of Jack in the Box some months ago, and after reading that the story was complete, I downloaded the remaining chapters.

Chapter 59 (which is now not listed) ends with "The End".

I'll wait and see what happens next :).

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A fitting ending indeed to “Jack in the Box”, made all the more moving thanks to the personal note now appended to Chapter 59, explaining a lot about how this tale grew by stumbles and starts and sheer determination.

“Jack in the Box”
demonstrates once again that Driver is right up there among the best of our online writers in describing the human condition with sympathy and understanding.

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Driver is the first online author I discovered who wasn't just creating text-p0rn. When I read The Quarry way back when, I would have given up a kidney to have met someone like Ken back in the day.

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