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A Two Part Invention

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Mi (short i as in mint) - hang - el, stress on hang. The h is often dropped: mi-ang-el. Nothing, I assure you, to do with angels, of which I am emphatically not one.

Thanks. That's sort of what I wanted to know, whether it was hang or ang. I guess you can't go wrong either way.

I've read your stories. I wasn't about to confuse you with an angel.


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Ah, yes, a warm welcome to Alan Dwight (this is the right thread for that, isn't it?)

As I am wont to do, I went looking at several other sites for more of his work and found nada. Anyone got the details on this author? Two Part Invention brings us something we don't see here very often, an inter-racial tale. The back and forth of character focus in the chapters works very well and the small amount of story overlap is not distracting at all.

I have always hesitated to present one of my main characters as an African-American because I can't give voice to that cultural background in any convincing manner. Alan did speak to the differences between black and white with his characters and I think it is always good to broach that subject in a meaningful way. I could say more but I don't want to spoil anyone's read.

You have read it...haven't you? Get with it!

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This was one of the stories I first read when I first arrived at Awesome Dude as a reader. It impressed me then. It impresses me even more now as a writer. It is well crafted, well thought out and very enjoyable. A good story well told and one I am happy to see in the Dude's Picks.

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