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NRA: We don't want to be like England


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America's most prominent pro-gun activist has urged the country's shooters to fight efforts by President Barack Obama to make the US "like England" with tougher laws regulating firearms.

Wayne LaPierre, the chief executive of the National Rifle Association (NRA), warned gun enthusiasts that Mr Obama's plans for an assault weapons ban and background checks would make them pariahs.

"We don't want America to become like England, where some of that nation's outstanding rifle competitors keep their hobby a dark secret from their neighbours for fear of social disapproval," said Mr LaPierre. "We're not going to let the anti-gunners push us into that zone." He called for millions of gun-owners to "stand and fight" against attempts to regulate their right to bear arms. "We will not surrender. We will not appease. We will buy more guns than ever," he said.

Yep, more guns! :icon_thumleft:

Although Sandy Hook has brought the problem to the fore, school shootings have been going on in the U.S. since the 18th century, with the earliest recorded in 1764. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_school_shootings_in_the_United_States

Then there is the rest of the planet, too: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/School_shootings

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Sandy Hook is a horrific aberration. The fact of the matter is that rifles account for a tiny percent of the murders in the US. The majority are committed by handguns and most murders are committed by a very specific demographic. The proposed bans focus on weapons that aren't part of the problem.

Unless and until we start talking about disarming the gangs, don't even think of trying to disarm me.

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