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The kid's cute, too!

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was Maverick's mom enamored of James Garner or Tom Cruise?

John McCain.

I'm surprised by the ruling. Many years back the supreme court ruled that a school could punish students who held up a sign saying 'Bong hits 4 Jesus' at a parade. The court said that schools are justified in banning speech that may be disruptive to the learning environment. I suspect that the drug reference was what swayed the justices there, but it set a legal precedent that students don't have speech rights even on very flimsy justifications of 'disruption' by the administration.

If the principal/district wanted to pursue this T-shirt case, they could probably get it overturned, but I notice the news report said a settlement was reached which makes me think that the district decided not to fight and won't take it further.

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