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Changing Chrome's new white context menu background

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Detest? Black pudding I detest, but I don't see how can you detest a menu design. Dislike, maybe....

Hmm. Another fact to add to the 2nd volume of 'Understanding Des - a layman's guide.' :accordion[1]:

I can guide how to lay a man. :devlish:

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Now I lay me down to sleep

Out of Des I hear no peep

Is the poor man still awake?

Or did the Lord his poor soul take?

Ahhh no, he stirs, he does not sleep

'Tis just a ploy, a fake to keep

Me unaware, his moves to make

Ackkk, he's in me, the wretched rake!

Now I lay me down to sleep

Though virtue now too late to keep

And Des? Yet he lurks, the sexy drake:

Another's chastity to take.

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