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No More Words

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A Poem By Jason Rimbaud


You've always seen what you want to see

But your truths aren't based in reality

And I refuse to exist in your fantasy

In other words


I can still taste you on my tongue

Ours was a love that songs were sung

And yet this is where my hurt was sprung

From your words


And if I crash and my life starts to bleed

Will you comfort and make love to me

I only need you why can't you see

Here are my words


And if my heart breaks and I start to cry

Will you help me live or just let me die

No matter your answer I think you'll lie

In your words


Why did I ever let you back inside

And now from you I feel I'll have to hide

And the best way to achieve this I can't decide

So here's my words


You claim you have since changed your ways

And if this is true our love can be saved

And right now I don't want to walk away

So no more words

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Considering its been so long since I did anything in my blog, I think it's time I should. It's been a magical two years. I really should find the time to write that blog entry.

As soon as I untangle myself from his arms I'll get right on that.

Jason (the content snuggler)

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