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Major Storm in Britain

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A severe storm with hurricane force winds and torrential rain is to hit southern Britain within a few hours. It is the worst storm to hit the area in decades and will disrupt air, rail, and highway transport in and out of London and may fell millions of trees. The last such storm, in 1987, killed 18 and felled 15 million trees. It has been dubbed the St. Jude Storm, after the patron saint of lost causes, whose feast day is celebrated on Monday. Let's hope this isn't a lost cause!

Let us all wish our British friends the best of luck during this emergency. Our thoughts are with you!



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Ok, it was a storm - but nothing like as bad as the media hyped it to be. All I saw was squally showers which were quite heavy.

Round here, semi-rural Hertfordshire, a few leaves blown about, the odd tree damage and I had to replace my rubbish and recycling bins three times. I think it was worse elsewhere, but not to the extent of the puff.

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It seems to have hit the home counties, no doubt drawn in by the low pressure created by all the hot air in Westminster or was is all a cover blown up by the press to keep attention away from a certain trial starting today?

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