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Oak Shadows by Cynus

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Dude, To cope with folks un-resisted desire to write reviews that give away more or less the whole of the plot... is there some way of coping with spoilers? A few post them black-on-black so that you need to highlight them to read them... a few put SPOILERS at the head for those with quick reactions, but most seem to just blurt them out. Please think of a way to rescue us. I recently posted The Level to a site and the very first comment blurted out the plot... I was so mad!

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Maybe I've seen Criminal Minds too many times, but I think the cops might have a problem with the ending...

[Alright, so I'm in a spoil-sport mood today.]

Yeah, I was worried about that. I had an idea to explain it more logically, but it felt like the flow was hampered when I tried to put it in, so I just left it as is.

Thanks for the compliments everyone. I'm glad you liked it.

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I am so glad to see this story, Cynus. So often the fantasy world is presented in absurd form and I cannot say that about this story. To credibly present the unreal we need to feel some real things about it and allow the emotions to flow. The mixed feelings I get from this story include love, horror, violence and irony. The combination is well presented for someone like me who generally shuns fantasy. Thank you.

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Another wonderful tale :smile: Parts of it were predictable, but the journey itself was an absolute delight with enough uncertainty to ensure complete pleasure. Well done!

For those talking about spoilers, the third icon from the left in the posting window is labelled "BB Special Code". If you click on that, one of the options available is "Spoiler". It allows text to be displayed only when the reader wants to look at it.

For example:

This is an example of a spoiler. The text isn't visible until the reader clicks on it.

If you want to write a spoiler using BBcode, surround the text with "spoiler" tages, just like the following:

[spoiler]This is an example of a spoiler. The text isn't visible until the reader clicks on it.[/spoiler]
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Is pressing the 'Show' button on a Spoiler classed as a guilty pleasure?

No, it's just self-gratification, the guilt is your own choice.

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