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Want to own a Picasso?


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The real question is: do you feel lucky?

A 1914 gouache entitled 'LHomme au Gibus' or 'Man with opera hat' by Pablo Picasso is being raffled for charity tomorrow, the 18th of December.

There are a maximum of 50,000 tickets available costing 100 euros each ($135 ish). An expensive gamble indeed ... but much better odds than the U.K. national lottery at 13,000,000:1.

There are still a few available if you're feeling flush. :wink:


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Always read the terms and conditions! Because if you'd won it and wanted to take it home (outside France) - a not unreasonable premise - you'd be liable for VAT and customs duty, not to mention insurance. VAT on $1,000,000 is $200,000 and customs duty is anyone's guess....

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I'm not flush, but even if I were, I wouldn't buck 50,000 to 1 odds.

We're still pissed-off that we didn't win the MegaMillions when it hit $636 million last week. Believe me, there would've been a gala Awesomedude party at The Dude's new beach house if that had happened.

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