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Holiday Renewal by Addym Kehris


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Thank you, one and all. I really wanted to write something from the perspective of an older gay man that didn't involve sexual situations. I wanted something emotionally charged, something that older men could possibly relate to, even if only in their daydreams. LOL. That is, after all, where this story had its roots.

So, thank you again for you kind words and mostly for enjoying what I've submitted.

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If I can offer one comment to Addym: I felt like there's an entire paragraph missing in the grocery store/fight scene, and I was dizzy trying to figure out what the hell happened. My suggestion (only a suggestion) is that if you have the lead character wind up in a hospital with some major injuries, you need greater explanation as to what happened -- even if it's fast-paced and violent, or even if the guy says, "the next thing I knew, my hand hurt like hell and the other guy was lying on the ground."

I think the story is idealized and very sentimental, but I don't deny it has a positive message and is very thoughtful and optimistic. And any story that has an enormous, lavish home theater is OK by me. :icon_thumleft:

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I mad a major mistake this evening, I started reading this just gone ten on Thursday night. It is now early Friday morning.

I should have known better, the same thing happened three years ago when I first read this story. It is a fantastically well written piece that takes hold of you and draws you in. At one point in the telling the author writes 'I am an author, after all, and spinning tales is what I do for a living.' This is a well spun tale and one that really deserves it place in Dude's pick. If you have not read it before I can only say you should read it now. if you have read it before you will need no encouragement to re-read it.

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Okay, I freely admit it, I'm thrilled...I made Dude's Picks. And this is the only story I've posted here. Amazing. I will say this, however...I've felt guilty about that one story only bit, so I'm working on a multi-chapter story specifically for AD. It's a fantasy, you know, swords, sorcery, that sort of thing. I has a gay undertone, fer shur. LOL. Let's see, I'm on chapter 4 so far, and I can't begin to tell you how far this will go. I'll just write until it ends. LOL. Don't expect anything over ten chapters though. I save my sagas for print material. If I'm gonna write something that long, I want to get paid for it.

Thanks, Nigel, for rereading it, and still liking it. Honestly, I sit down with it once a year during the holidays. I think I done pretty good too. LMAO. (And no, I did not break my arm patting myself on the back)

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What an absolutely wonderful story. Granted, it's an odd time of year to be reading it, but the hope and beauty are welcome any time. In fact, with temperatures breaking over 100 (does it really matter if that's F° or C°?) the thought of wintry weather is just delightful. Thank you for a beautiful tale, well deserving its notoriety as a Pick from the Past.

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