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Another nice one from dabeagle


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Thanks, Paul. I've grown lazy about checking Dabeagle's site. The beagle is tricky--sometimes he can go half a year or so keeping his writing to himself, then wham! bam! he peppers you with exquisite prose from every side. Now seems to be the time.

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Guest Dabeagle

This one falls to my own misstep, Lug. I sent these to Mike for his Wednesday post...but I sent them that night. Being out of practice I not only submitted them far too late but I also couldn't remember which file format to send it to him in, so I sent more than one copy. Additionally, Mike asked when I'd like to post JitG so he could be in harmony with my own posting. I told him my site is down to about 2 unique visitors a day, so I didn't see any issues, since I had tossed them up last Wednesday - as per my previously mentioned snafu. I'll have to work closer with Mike in the future to eliminate the confusion I create.

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