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UN report says temperatures in Adelaide will make it world's hottest city on Thursday

The above report predicts 46C, that's 114.8F

At the moment ,!2 noon, it is 38C, 100F.

I'm hot, but you knew that, didn't you?

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Apart from that, do drink a lot of fluids, Des.

Unfortunately, the boyfriend is dehydrated, and all the fruits are just empty skins.
I may have to drink water.
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Actually, some places do play aussie rules football in that sort of weather :tongue: Mainly in Darwin, the capital city closest to the equator, but it happens.

I've spending most of this week inside airconditioned buildings, not even going outside for lunch. I'm working from home today, and the fans/airconditioners are already flat out (and it's only 7am!).

It's been an odd week. On one particular day, Darwin was forecast to be the coolest capital city in the country! Melbourne hasn't had a heatwave of this duration since 1908, though there have been heatwaves close to this recently (one had a day in the middle of a long run that only reached 39C, and so didn't meet the 'consecutive days of 40+C' criteria being used by the news reports).

The scary thing for us at the moment isn't the temperature, but the fire risk. We evacuated during the Black Saturday bushfires, and my wife spend most of yesterday monitoring the Internet, keeping track of fires in our area to determine if we needed to evacuate again. So far, there's been no major fires near us, but we have to keep watching....

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A warning to all you Aussies: I am sending a plane load of Congressional Republicans your way so that you can watch them melt. These are the guys who say there is no such thing as global warming. I would suggest you give them a seat on the patio with a glass of water. Once they learn their lesson I would ask that you don't send them back, we don't need any more idiots in government. Perhaps I can find some intelligent third graders to take their place in Congress. Cheers.

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Chris, I can't believe this! I always thought you were a really good guy. But anyone who would send people who are filled with hot air and bombast to the hottest place on earth has to be a sadist. Think of those poor, overheated Aussies for a moment. Now, if your intention is to airdrop the blowhards in the middle of the outback, that might be something different. That's where they belong, anyway.


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Er... did you miss the bit about it being worse in 1908? It wasn't due to global warming then....

However, your comment did remind me of a short story by a friend of mine that I read once regarding congressional fact-finding trips:

First to the Sun

I'm sure you'll agree it's an excellent idea where real-life should be made to mimic fiction :icon1:

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As far as I can tell the 1908 figures refer to Melbourne. Adelaide recorded 47.2C in 1939 on the old system which has since been revised to the global standard making it 46.1C.

See this update to see how we Adelaidians wre coping with the effects of climate change.

Nice story Graeme.

Chris: As for dumping Congressional Republicans in Australia, once they realise that we are hedonistic heathens revelling in the exchange of our bodies, beer and other fluids,they may well come to their senses, or at least attempt to swim back to the U.S. through our shark infested oceans.

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85 degrees today in LA! And the 20th anniversary of the Northridge Earthquake is coming up in just a coupla days... :icon11:

85 degrees Fahrenheit? Aren't you supposed to be having winter there?

Earthquakes too?

Doomed, we're all doomed...

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It was slightly hotter here in the burn areas. The Northeast foothills were on fire today, quite extensively. Early for the fire season. It's usually a summer phenomenon. But we've had no rain for over a year, and everything is tinder. Three idiots were careless with a campfire that was illegal in the first place. All three are in jail cells now, but about 2000 acres have been burned and several houses burned to the ground.

We don't only have earthquakes. We also have fires and mudslides. I think it's punishment for the wonderful weather we have year around.


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We don't only have earthquakes. We also have fires and mudslides. I think it's punishment for the wonderful weather we have year around.

Most of the year round. I'd say in the last ten years, we have about 2 months in LA that are 100 degrees (F), and then at least two months that are cold and rainy, usually around January-February. The other 8 months are generally pretty mild, 65-80 or so. Not too bad.

Unless you consider the fires, mudslides, and earthquakes. And the horrific traffic jams (which I was in today for about 90 minutes).

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