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Richard Linklater's 12 Year Epic at Sundance


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When I lived in Austin Texas during the early nineties, Richard Linklater was considered a local hero. An independent film-maker and a founder of the Austin Film Society, he, more than anyone else, is responsible for Austin being a center of independent filmmakling. Among his works are Slacker, in which Austin is as much a star as the actors, and Dazed and Confused, also filmed in Austin and surrounding towns. He's an innovator in filmmaking and very creative.

His most recent work, which premiered this month at the Sundance Film Festival, is Boyhood, in which he amazingly took a fictional family and followed them over twelve years. Literally. He sighed actors as the family and for twelve years, brought those actors back to film a few days in their lives each year. The twelve year project had only thirty-eight days of actual shooting and we see the actors age as they actually did, not with make-up and not with changing actors as the story progresses.

I would love to see this film, though it probably will appear only at art house theaters.


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There's a user review of Boyhood posted on INDB dated Jan 20. It adds an interesting twist to the article in Salon. Yes, I want to see it. I might be lucky because there are seveal art house theaters in Berkeley.

Colin :icon_geek:

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Guest Dabeagle

Adorable little boy, definitely not my taste as an adult. I was commenting to a friend the other day about the last season of 'Dexter' and how cute his son was. However, the thing they leave out, is that little boy was acting and I'm sure can be a little turd as well. Adorable kid, though.

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