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Sebastian - Happiness by Cole Parker

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I almost missed this, with all the Turning Ten stories in the feature block to get through. Glad I spotted it. This is a truly delightful story very well told.

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Well done again.

It makes a good point about the common misconceptions of gay people.

I like how your stories are all mostly about one character who is withdrawn and antisocial being helped into life by a kind character. TIM, JE, Sebastian 1. :P

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I like vulnerable characters. They appeal to me and so probably a lot of people. They also allow for drama as they tend to get buffeted by the winds of the plot.

But I think we can all identify with them to one extent or another. Who hasn't felt vulnerable, especially when he was a teenager dealing with problems he had little or no control over? And characters we can identify with are ones we like to read about.


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