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Sometimes parents do the right thing

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Wow. Those parents deserve an award. LOL. But then, so does Ryland for his courage.

Did I mention, WOW?

Oh yeah, there it is above. But it's worth repeating.

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This story made me smile all the way through its telling. What a cute, smart, kid. What a cute, smart, boy!

Heather Rose Brown wrote several short stories with a transgender theme that are posted on Codey's World. They are Chocolate, Strawberry, & Vanilla; Dreamed You Were Me; Gender Express; and Stand Up. Go here to read them.

Colin :icon_geek:

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Catholic school district tries to tighten restrictions on teachers who support gay 'lifestyles'.

One mother gets caught in the middle:

Molly Shumate, a first-grade teacher, is directly touched by one of the newly highlighted restrictions because she has a son who's gay. She's ending her career at her childhood school rather than agree to new language she says could restrict her from publicly supporting her son.
"In my heart, I know I need to go. I need to find another avenue because I am going to support my son," Shumate told CNN. "If in five or 10 years he finds a partner and he wants to be with that person, I'm going to be in the front row with the biggest bouquet."
She said she's since been told that she could be reprimanded, but not fired, for showing public support for a gay lifestyle.
"However, I don't think I should be reprimanded, either," Shumate added.
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At issue here is that the Catholic Church in America is growing closer to the radical fundamentalist movement all the time. Dictates like Molly Shumate face are going to become common in Catholic run schools and will be their undoing. Parish churches are becoming poorer and with awful contracts like these people have they are going to lose all the good teachers. So be it. The whole religious organization lives in ancient history.

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Since the priest molestation scandal and outrage, it seems like the Catholic church in this country has been retrenching, pulling back into a defensive position. Partially as an outgrowth of that, fewer young men are going to seminaries wanting to be priests. The financial burden of the settlements the church has had to endure have not only been embarrassing but also crippling, and Rome hasn't stepped up to the plate as it could have. I wouldn't be at all surprised if, in such an environment, and with fewer priests and a disillusioned populace, the organization is moving to the right. I wonder what impact this will have on membership?


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