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To each their own....

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A man caught trying to have sex with his bicycle has been sentenced to three years on probation.

I kid you not. What bothers me is that he was.... Oh, you'll have to read the entire piece, and then we can discuss the pros and cons of getting it on with inanimate objects in the privacy of your own room, and the supposed illegality of said 'fun.' He's also on the sex offenders register for three years. Just think of all those bikes lining up to complain. Talk about pythonesque.

Read it here

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My opinion is that no one in that shire has any sense of humor at all. But let's get this straight: if they'd entered his locked room and found him masturbating, would he still go on the sex offender list and be labeled a pervert? And if not, what's the damn difference? If he would be disgraced publicly for that, well, some people are still living in the Victorian Age.


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Absurd charges, invasion of privacy and all that. Perhaps the man could not afford some of the more expensive sex toys available for activities such as this. I wonder of anyone bothered to ask the bicycle if it objected, they might be in a relationship.

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