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The truth behind the film Philomena

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Judi Dench has always been a favorite actress of mine over the years so I will watch anything she is in. Just recently I viewed Philomena although I was not really sure what the story was about. Imagine my shock...and we thought priests were the most dastardly individuals in the Catholic Church.

It seems that nuns ran these homes in Ireland for what would have been called wayward girls back in the last century, and they did it all with government support. The story behind Philomena is both thought provoking and terribly sad, especially when it is revealed that some of the characters are gay. But I will say no more in case you haven't seen the film...and then ask, why haven't you?

You need look no further than the depressing role the Church played in "caring" for these girls when they were unwed mothers. The stigma the Church has placed upon them is totally uncalled for in civilized society, and the way they and their children were treated is no less than criminal. You think I am still talking about Philomena? No, that was just the opening act for horrors beyond belief just recently discovered:


I hope the government of Ireland does a through and open investigation, otherwise they are complicit in the crimes committed by these nuns. The image of the sweet little Irish nuns has been forever ripped from my mind. They are monsters.

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The story on these nuns gets worse on a daily basis. It seems they were being paid by the Irish government for taking care of these unwed mothers....and killing their babies for lack of medical treatment. If that doesn't piss off the Irish people what will?

The State of Florida ran a boys reform school for decades in the central part of the state. The Dozier School for Boys was a killing ground and during the sixty years it was open dozens of boys disappeared or died. Now the site has become an archeological dig for the bones of those secretly buried. So far they have uncovered a hundred grave sites.

All the wardens and guards are long gone, but the state owes the parents and families of these children some answers.

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We think of the religiously-based scourages of the middle ages, the Crusades and the Inquisition, as horrors of the past that were perpetrated by less civilized people than now exist. Then we read about this sort of thing.

I don't understand how nuns can kill babies. Catholic nuns. It more than boggles the mind. It makes one despair. And solidifies my belief that organized religion's past crimes, travesties and horrors continue into today.


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And much worse still (the article is dated 5th June 2014):

A Catholic archbishop in the Republic of Ireland has said the church has no records about the burial of nearly 800 children at a mother and baby home.

The remains were in a disused concrete septic tank at the County Galway home. The children, aged between two days and nine years, died between 1925 and 1961.

The grave in Tuam was found nearly 40 years ago, but was initially thought to be from the 1850s famine.

Archbishop of Tuam Michael Neary said he was "greatly shocked" by the news.

"I was greatly shocked, as we all were, to learn of the extent of the numbers of children buried in the graveyard in Tuam.

"I was made aware of the magnitude of this situation by media reporting and historical research.

"I am horrified and saddened to hear of the large number of deceased children involved and this points to a time of great suffering and pain for the little ones and their mothers."

The home was run by nuns of the Bon Secours Sisters.


800 children disposed of in an unmarked grave. Unbelievable.

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