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Subway Conversation of Note

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I was traveling through my Twitter account today and came across an intriguing post and decided to look into it further. It's all self explanatory. Just two dads (heterosexuals) chatting on the way home, overheard and recorded for posterity.


Personally, I think it gives us a bit of hope for our future to hear a spontaneous conversation like this one. The sad part is that they'll never know the positive impact this little exchange may have on lots of folks.


P.S. This was overheard and posted by George Takei.

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And along the lines of overheard conversations, this one from Texas:

Daniel Webb, a comedian and sometime drag queen based in Austin, Texas, got a hearty laugh out of President Barack Obama with a joke about his sex life.

According to the Austin Chronicle, the exchange occurred after the president asked Webb if he was gay while visiting a restaurant Thursday. When Obama went up to pay at Austin's famous Franklin Barbecue, the Chronicle reported Webb, who was working the cash register, "threw his hand down and slapped the counter dramatically."

"Equal rights for gay people!" Webb declared.

"Are you gay?" asked Obama.

"Only when I have sex," Webb quipped.

Webb told the Chronicle the joke got Obama to laugh. He said the president told him to "bump me." The pair subsequently exchanged a fist bump that was captured on camera.

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