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Wonderful Comic about "It Getting Better" for the bullied


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The reason I shared it is because of a personal experience I had which was along the same lines as what occurs in the comic. I once knew a kid who was the target of nearly everyone, and I was one of his only friends. I never did anything to him myself, hell I had a crush on him, but he did end up switching schools and I never saw him again and I wondered what had become of him.

Until a few months ago I still didn't know. But I finally managed to track him down on facebook. I didn't do anything but look. I was scared to try and dig up the past for him, but on one picture he shows off a tattoo that is displayed proudly across his chest which reads, "Unbroken I remain". I honestly teared up a little when I saw that, and it's been a source of strength for me since then.

I still haven't gotten the nerve to talk to him though, and I'm not sure that I even should.

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I still haven't gotten the nerve to talk to him though, and I'm not sure that I even should.

You should! It never hurts to say "hello" to a friend from your past, assuming there's no issues there beyond the passage of time.

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Say hi. As long as you were not part of the problem, just a bystander, then let him know who you are. Start something. He might tell you to pound sand, then again he may not. You won't get this chance again. Take it and roll the dice. He'll remember. I remember people in my classes, some nicely and a couple bullies.

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He'll remember you. Somehow I'm fairly sure of this. Message him.

Oohh... an omen. Maybe I should... I'm pretty bad at following omens in life, but maybe it's time to change that.

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You can have my journal entries if you want. If I wrote it the story would come out to be too true for me I think. I don't know if I could handle that.

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