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Bad Teacher

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I had some pretty odd teachers when I was in high school, but you would think that when it comes to college the level of intelligence would be higher...apparently not so in this case:


I know there are those out there that will shake their heads and say it was just an accident. So I suppose it is expected that guns sitting in your pocket will go off at random? I would say that's an unacceptable answer when the lives of the college students in that class are put at risk.

Buying a gun takes no intelligence but I suppose carrying it around in your pocket does. My advice to this professor's students...transfer to another class.

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Handguns don't 'accidently go off.' Thinking about this scenario, I'd guess the guy had his hand in his pocket. Just what it was there for, what he was fooling around with in there that distracted him so much, we must leave to conjecture.

This leads to a new definitions of 'pulling the trigger' and 'Oops, my gun went off.'


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Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you pleased to see me? :wink:

You beat me to it Camy, and yes, I'm always pleased to see you.

I think I was just 18 when my gun went off...by itself.

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