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Warning...Artificial Intelligence ahead.

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AI has been touted in various movies, tons of books, and perhaps soon a Broadway play (just joking). But all of this media attention to the subject of AI, while fascinating to the science fiction buffs, really has little impact on our thought processes. Let's face it, compared to AI we are a dumb species.


Perhaps when one of the major geniuses in our world says there is danger in AI we should sit up and take note. Read the article, I get his point. The warning built into the plot of The Terminator film was a lot stronger than Arnold's acting ability so perhaps we missed it. You'll know when your smartphone listens into your conversation, decides you are an idiot, and then zaps your brain.

At my age I don't worry about this too much (I don't have a smartphone), but future generations might heed Hawking's warning. In comparing brain power with a super computer we are the weak link and if the day comes when computers become aware I think we are a doomed species, especially here in America. Hey, I'm not the one watching Honey Booboo and the mindless parents she has. One look at the television lineup most Americans watch and the nearest AI will probably nuke us. I've thought about doing it myself.

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I can just hear Hawking's former colleague Roger Penrose laughing hysterically at Hawking's concerns. Penrose did a masterful job of calling into question whether artificial intelligence could ever actually come close to replacing (or even replicating) human intelligence, in his book "The Emperor's New Mind."


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We're a long way from producing a true artificial intelligence. Computers are dumb...really dumb. The proof is that they will do whatever they're told to do, no matter how stupid. They are fast, and they have a great memory, but intelligence is a lot more than simply thinking quickly and remembering things.

I'm not concerned.

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I don't think we're anywhere remotely close to understanding how human intelligence or consciousness works. Not only that, I think there's every possibility that we may not even have it in us to be able to understand it, in the same way that a chimpanzee isn't capable of understanding higher mathematics.

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Just to clarify: Stephan Hawking is talking about complete AI, when you have a computer system which is as flexible as a human brain.

The computer scientists are in control, it doesn't just happen. The problem is that it could be used for terrorism. Or there is a loop hole in a programs logic which the robot finds.

Cars learning to drive and phones recognising speech are no way near complete AI. Complete AI emcompasses complete flexibility.

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