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Google purges ahead....

Chris James

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In Blog-land, a lot of people have used Google as their base of operations for a huge variety of information sharing. That will shortly change as Google announces it will purge adult content blogs in March. Show a penis and you are out...unless it is artistic, and of course they get to be the judge.

One of my all time fav gay blog sites is : http://verasbiggayblo.blogspot.com/ Tastefully done without nudity in any extreme, this blog is the best for those who like to view the world's hottest men. I think they will survive the purge, but many porn sites will not. If that's your thing then you better find a web address for the cuties that inspire you.

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Something I read made it sound like the X-rated blogs could still exist online, but they would be "private" rather than "public." I'm not sure exactly what that means, but it sounds like either you would have to know the blog URL in advance (it would not come up in search results) and/or you would have to be "approved" by the blog owner before you could enter the site at all.


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