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The Rip by Mark Peters

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I am surprised that there is not already a topic on this, and it there is and I have missed it my apologies, I did to a search for it but the forum search engine will not accept 'The Rip' as a search term so I had to search on Mark Peters and only his Baxter Boys showed up.

This is a story I have really enjoyed, it has been well told with a set of strong characters. My congratulations to Mark on a good story well told and I cannot wait to see more of his writing.

You can find 'The Rip' here:


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This is one a series of truly excellent stories... please check Mark's AD Author Page.

They tell the stories of a group of young gay couples whose lives come together.

Next up will be Song for Guy.. coming soon to AwesomeDude.


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I second Nigel's recommendation of this story. I have only now had an opportunity to read it and it is quite a tale.

It does leave one wondering whether Peter (the father) will ever get past his troglodyte ways. I do agree that Jenna (the mother) probably has figured Justin out already . . . but is probably too intimidated (or reluctant to cause an explosion) to say anything.


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This is one of those stories that reading one chapter and having to wait a week for the next was teeth-grinding frustrating aggravation.

Colin :icon_geek:

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