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A Totally Messed Up Halloween by Colin Kelly


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Okay, American kids are weird. Imagine being made to feel better by being told that they'll be going to school. :unsure:

Either that, or American schools are just so much better than Australian ones :tongue:

I really enojyed this story. I agree with Jeff on how his parents treated him, but I know parents aren't perfect :smile: Unlike fourteen-year-olds. :laugh:

Just for the record, I own a 64MB USB. I lent it to someone one day and they that made extra sure I got it back because they thought it was 64GB... :angel2[1]:

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My cousin Carol's birthday is December 24th. Talk about someone who would have been sure she was shortchanged! So her folks moved her birthday celebration to November 24th. Thanksgiving (the US version) is on November 24th in a whole bunch of years, 2005, 2011, 2016... but in 2010, which was the year I started writing my story A Totally Smashing Thanksgiving, the 24th is on the day before Thanksgiving. So I used that year and the day for David's 15th birthday (he's the protagonist). After writing the story I merged the chapters into one file, printed it with wide margins and had them cut down (at FedEx Office) to 9" x 6" and then bound into a paperback book complete with a cover in full color. I gave it to Carol for her birthday in 2013 which was one of the years when Thanksgiving was on her birthday.

Colin :icon_geek:

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I do love a story with a happy ending. At the beginning I thought he would never stop being cross about being denied his party. But what a great way to compensate him! Lovely, thanks Colin - and I'm so flattered, touched, embarrassed, blushing 'cos of Ryan's Green Guardian costume! So glad he likes the story!

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Wrong language.

You nailed it with those two word, Lugz. Teens and their parents speak two different dialects of English and because they each hears what they want to hear there's little understanding and thus little communication.

Colin :icon_geek:

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