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A disordered Transgender person

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Becoming transgendered is more than a change of clothes, I think we all know this. For those who plan to have surgery there are rules regarding evaluation by a mental health professional, and for good reason. But this is the first time I have seen anything about a transgender person rejecting an age appropriate role in life...and this concerns me.


When you are 46 you are not 6 years of age since we all know there is no going back. I think the article doesn't say enough about why any of this should be viewed as acceptable, it seems like a mental breakdown. Finding two straight parents who accept this kind of behavior seems strange and you have to wonder at their reasons for the acceptance.

Changing gender is difficult enough, but an adult identifying as a child seems far beyond the norm. I wonder what everyone else thinks.

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Nutty as a fruitcake. She's abandoning her wife and children to do this? Maybe she's tired of adult responsibility and wants to return to a position in life where decisions and behaviors are determined for her. But it won't work. It obviously won't work.

Althought, how many of us would like to repeat some phases, some incidents, from our childhoods? Probably all of us.

But relive the entire thing?

Once was enough.


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This one is bothersome in the extreme.

As a society we've been able to accept a person as transgender only in the past few years, and people have now taken to demanding "rights" that didn't exist all that long ago. So is trans-ageism now the newest situation? And as we have had to accept "he says he's a girl" must we now accept "Robert, 40, says she's Roberta, 7"? There are some downright frightening legal implications that were barely even touched on in Finding Neverland regarding a man who decides to remain a boy forever.

I frankly don't buy it.

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