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Rule Britannia

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This doesn't really have anything to do with gay themes--unless you accept George Bernard Shaw's statement that there's no such thing as a heterosexual Englishman--but I thought it was fun. I don't normally go in for displays of patriotism and nationalism-- mine or anyone else's--but since I'm descended from Englishmen and Scots, I'll give in on this one occasion. I found this delightful video on Youtube. Damn, the British really do good patriotism. (Interestingly, when I Googled that quote to make certain I was correct in attributing it to Shaw, only one result came up and it was a posting from Awesome Dude!)

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So for you Anglophiles out there, a question. I've heard the song presented as "...England never never never shall be slaves" and "...Britain never never never shall be slaves." Is there a "proper" version?

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The last night of the Proms is traditionally silly and over the top and this clip is a fine example of that. Generally, patriotism, and particularly nationalism, is considered rather infra dig in polite society, and the last night of the Proms is a glorious opportunity to let rip with sentiments that are normally kept well under control.

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‚ÄčThe tradition of a 'dress surprise' for the singing of Rule Britannia during the last night of the Proms started in 1985 with this lady Sarah Walker:

‚ÄčI remember watching this live in 1985 and the shock of the flag reveal at the end was almost physical. Since then it has become something of a custom for the man or woman singing the part to do something with the costume.

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Not me. The whole thing is sponsored by the BBC and broadcast, some on TV the rest on radio, so you can hear what you want to hear without having to get to central London to the Albert Hall. I live the other side of the country so it would be a major effort. Worth it for a particular concert, but not something I've yet done.

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I have a few times, though not as promenadeda, was always the guest of somebody who had a box. Only managed two last nights though. Strangely enough every time I have gone I have been living outside of the UK.

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