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Hi everybody,

After about twelve years of AwesomeDude and the AD Forms, we're adding a new forum to allow dialogue about the AD Site and AD Forums.... a chance to get direct answers or make suggestions.

This is the kind of stuff that in the past has been handled in emails. It gives me a platform to explain what we're doing and plan to do at AwessomeDude as well as let you make your comments and ask questions about how and why we do things.

No special rules apply except for our standard site rules, which are based on The Golden Rule!


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What a great idea...this is kinda like visiting the Oval Office at the Dude's House.

‚ÄčI have no suggestions or requests for changes except to say the AwesomeDude Team provides a wonderful service to our community of writers and readers. My thanks to all of you and our fearless leader.

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OK, first question. How is AD readership? Still strong? Growing, sagging, or holding about even?


And, on top of that, what can we, the authors, do to help grow that even more?

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OK, first question. How is AD readership? Still strong? Growing, sagging, or holding about even?


You know, since we've never concentrated on numbers it's hard to quantify... but it is fairly easy to qualify. Despite the shift in demographics among our readers from younger to middle-age/older readers our following seems to be remaining strong. I receive several emails every month praising one our another of our authors and their stories and often the site in general.

I think with the change in social attitudes toward LGBTQ people and same sex marriage comes a somewhat more open attitude among young people. That might mean they can seek acceptance and a feeling of belonging from their peer groups rather than seeking it on the web. This varies greatly of course depending on the part of the world/country inwhich they may live...

I can tell you, however, that those who particpate in the AD Forums are a small part of our overall audience. And a large number of those who read the Forums never bother to register or make comments.

While other sites may claim to be larger than we are... few can claim to be better in terms of content and presentation of gay fiction.

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I do understand that many of our stories are aimed at the younger demographics, and that it is probably harder to capture that audience on a regular basis. Formatting the stories for smaller devices is perhaps the best move the site has made as I am sure an IPad or an IPhone is where most people come in contact with us.

Years ago I wandered my way through various writer's sites in search of a home base. The tiny forums I found didn't keep me attracted but I have begun to seek them out once again just to boost the knowledge of the AD site. Those of you who have considered self publishing must have read that the only sure way to get a book read is to advertise.

I think many of us could reach out to the hundreds of blogs and websites to share the literature available on the AD site. Talk yourself up, share snippets from the stories, and describe the wealth of other authors since this is not a solo venture. I have mentioned the pleasant formatting, easy on the eyes, and how simple it is to find authors/stories. Mike may not run a counter on how many hits we get on the site but we can certainly run up the numbers with a little effort.

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