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Heart and Hooves by A J


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Dude's Picks from the Past  for this month (Jan 17) includes the novel 'Heart and Hooves, an Urban Fantasy' by AJ

It's not normally my sort of thing but I did enjoy it when I first found  this story - and I have read it more than once. However if you haven't read it before I would recommend reading AJ's two short stories, 'After Hours' & 'Cultural Differences' first as they set up the background of how three of the leading characters got together.

Finally, has AJ ever hinted at visiting with the Clan of the Red Circle again?







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So I read "Hearts and Hooves" just now, and only afterward saw the recommendation of reading "After Hours" and "Cultural Differences" first.  So I went back and read those.

I actually don't think it's that essential to read those other stories first -- "H&H" is pretty self-contained and self-explanatory.

Interestingly, though, I realized that I must have read "Cultural Differences" on its own quite some time ago.  I remember being fairly bewildered by the story back then.  Now, with the pieces filled in by H&H, it makes more sense. 

Anyway, though I'm not a huge fan of fantasy stuff (except to the extent that Harry Potter qualifies), this was a nice, well-constructed story where the good guys won and the bad guys got their just deserts.



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So glad this was, once again, in Dude's pick of the month (August 2020).

Hearts & Hooves is a story I can read again and again... like comfort food, only words.

We should all be so lucky to meet our inner horse!

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