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JFK's Secret Meth Habit

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According to U.K. newspaper The Sun, JFK had a secret (well, that's obvious) Methamphetamine habit.

Here's the headline:

JFK had secret crystal meth addiction and demanded regular injections of the drug to ‘maintain his image of youthful vigour.’
The US President had liquid methamphetamine injected into his throat by German-born doctor Max Jacobson.

Here's the link: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/6517645/jfk-john-kennedy-president-crystal-meth-addiction-drug-injections/

Queen Victoria took morphine and cocaine - even I have inhaled pot (and proud of it) - so I'm not entirely surprised... or am I?

I wonder what floats Trump's boat? His doctor certainly looks a likely sort.

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On 6/13/2018 at 3:21 PM, Camy said:

I wonder what floats Trump's boat? His doctor certainly looks a likely sort.

Hamburgers and almost any other junk food. And, of course, chocolate cake, too.

Colin  :icon_geek:

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It's somewhat important to remember that it wasn't until 1970 - 7 years after Kennedy's death - that meth made it onto the federal "Thou Shalt Not" list. (Might have been illegal in some local jurisdictions, but I don't know of any.)

The whole War on Drugs has only really lasted about 50 years, and there's likely no telling what sorts of products were used/abused by our various Fearless Leaders over earlier years. On top of that is the 'brave' people who will now speak about ancient facts after the subjects are dead, or at least well into their dotage. Perhaps a few such stories are fully valid, but I have a sneaking hunch that lots of these "years laters" claims, inuendos, lawsuits, etc., are the work of overactive imaginations, over-willing attorneys, and over-eager authors and lawsuit claimants.

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12 hours ago, Cole Parker said:

We do know JFK had serious and very painful, practically incapacitating, back pain.  Would someone have recommended or prescribed meth to overcome the pain?  I have no idea.  But I suppose it's possible.


Methamphetamines were often used, up to the late 1960s to counteract the effects of opiate-based painkillers. In fact, in some European countries, they are still used medicinally and one of their major uses is to allow higher levels of painkillers to be administered that would otherwise be possible.

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