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Jack in the Box, by Driver

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Sorry folks, one thing I left out of my note above is this.  If you start reading "Jack in the Box" and feel drawn in, be sure to take the time to read Driver's previous story "Sudden Storm".  It provides necessary context for the new story.

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A new story by Driver?!?


I am gobsmacked. And so, so looking forward to reading this.


As per the advice in this thread, I began tonight by going and re-reading 'Sudden Storm'


Well, I needed a real good emotional breakdown anyway. And my tissue supply needs replenishing. I had forgotten how powerful that story is. As well as the rest of Driver's stories. Now to re-read Falling off a Log and the Quarry...


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All I can say to this news is "Thank God he's okay". The last time we chatted I was pretty sure he wouldn't be long for this world. I don't care about the story as much as that he's doing well enough to write at all. ?

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Chapter 14 was posted January 27th and 15 is scheduled for Feb 3rd. 

This story is well worth reading and continues in the "Driver tradition."

Driver has been posting weekly lately so the wait between chapters is not unbearable.


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It's sad that Driver never finished "Dog Days". At least, Chapter 8 ends with " more " so I assume he intended to write more. It certainly doesn't seem complete.

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Yes, this story is also on the Castle Roland site, still posting just one chapter a week.  That site indicates two copyright dates (2002 and 2018), which suggests to me that the story was written the same time as the other Driver stories, but never published.

And if you do not know what Castle Roland is, then you need to go take a look!  It is a growing site of good quality gay fiction with some authors you may know and some that may be new to you.



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When I was in high school I began reading the Quarry series. I started with Falling Off a Log ending with Sudden Storm (obviously after I graduated from high school). Great stories. Jack in the Box is an outstanding sequel.

Colin  :icon_geek:

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