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It's about time


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I found myself a dude, dudes. We found each other online, have chatted endless hours, phoned for ages, and I've gone to visit. I've been introduced to the father, hiked with him (not the dad, you silly goons), talked, cuddled, and more :shock:

We're going to meet again soon, but logistically it isn't easy, with him being hours away and needing a trip on a ferry to get there, or him here. So far the compatibility in personalies and feelings is totally awesome. The feelings are wonderful, as are the dreams.

I'm blogging the whole story, but I'm not sure I'll reveal the address, yet. Maybe I'll try writing a story of it all later.

I'm a happy Trab. :p

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Excellent! I hope Blue is reading this.... :)

Trab scribeth: needing a trip on a ferry to get there

A ferry boat... I love 'em. It was nice to know we were organized, but to have our own NAVY! :thumbright:

Seriously, happy for ya Trab!

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Dude! You got a dude? Cool. Kewl, even. That's great, Trab, and I'm glad you're a happy Trab.

I hope I'll be a happy Blue sometime soon. Yes, I'm up at 2:00am, largely because I'm dude-less.

Here's to everybody finding dude-ness or dudette-ness, whichever option suits 'em.

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Togetherness seems to be breaking out all over and like Martha Stewart is fond of saying, it's a good thing.

I met the guy that I'm seeing at the gym. He asked me to spot for him one day in October and he has been following me around like a puppy ever since. He has a way of making this big ole Beast purr like a kitten. :toothy8:

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