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Halloween Stories 2020!


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Halloween is supposed to be the Gay International Holiday, right? 

Well, AwesomeDude always observes this holiday by hosting Halloween Stories on the site. 

As an emu friend reminded me (no, not the Liberty Mutual one) Haloween this year falls on a Saturday, the big AD posting day.  Soooo... we're asking all our AD Authors to submit stories for Halloween 2020.

I encourage our authors to do so.... and for readers, if your favorite author doesn't come through.... you can send him/her/them/it a NastyGram.

If you are an AD Author.... kindly sign up in this thread for your own spot on the AD HomePage.  I'll need your stories by October 20th!



Mike, a.k.a. Dude

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Dear lord, not cleaning the green room!  🤬

Two days ago I woke up in the middle of the night with a complete story idea. Typically, I didn't write it down, and in the morning, like smoke, it had disappeared.

Which leaves two ideas remaining.

The first would be better as a novella; the other - the 3rd part of 'Halloween' - is what I'm going for. Fair warning: it might well get gratuitously bloody. :w00t:

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