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Alcoholic Differences

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I keep getting caught out when reading stories by US authors by the difference in attitude over alcohol between the USA and Europe. Cider, over here in Europe, is always alcoholic in all its forms, youths regularly take wine or beer in restaurants and would fully expect to drink at home under supervision. 

It was only today I found out that Egg Nog in the USA is not alcoholic. I still have my grandmother's recipe for Egg Nog, which according to family legend originated in Antwerp around the time of the Napoleonic wars. The recipe starts, take one quart of fine brandy. The resultant beverage can be best described as an alcoholic egg custard.

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Nigel, much of the eggnog sold in grocery stores here is flavored with fake rum flavoring, since most everybody is aware that true eggnog is booze-based.  A lot of that store-bought eggnog is topped up with spirits once it arrives in the home.


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