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Cras cursus luctus diam. Nullam metus arcu, fringilla et, lobortis et, viverra sed, nunc. Proin metus est, lacinia eget, mattis at, commodo vitae, augue. Vestibulum lacinia, odio at auctor euismod, ligula arcu tempor massa, eu mollis est sapien dictum ante. Quisque adipiscing, ligula in congue tristique, nulla nulla tristique nulla, ultrices pharetra odio augue in dui. Phasellus placerat, eros eu scelerisque rutrum, dolor ante posuere risus, ut facilisis enim velit eget nisi. Nunc massa. Integer convallis, ante quis tempus bibendum, magna tellus ullamcorper massa, at ultricies dolor est sit amet urna. In eget enim nec elit tempus faucibus. Nulla nisl. Proin id mi. Donec eros dui, euismod vel, tincidunt eu, fringilla nec, ligula. Etiam feugiat dui. Curabitur nulla. Etiam tempor urna interdum sem. Sed ac mauris et libero tempor sodales. Aenean eu ligula. Integer quis orci. Donec ullamcorper laoreet magna. Proin ut massa.

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Thanks for that Wibius,

I thought for a moment it was Raccoon speak, then recognised the Latin.

The link provides fascinating info. Who'da thought it?



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I hate to quibble, but if you're going to present us with a treatise like this, you'll have to pay more attention. 'Accumsan' is misspelled; it only has one 'c.' And you can't use 'pellentesque' and 'est nisi' together like that; plural nouns and singular verbs don't cohabit.

Try to get it together, guy.


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Friggin' snobs.

Frankly, this looks like the kind of stuff they put in all those sample pages of articles and paragraphs in my publishing program when showing the different designs available. You know the ones, that say, "Substitute real text here". :hehe:

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I can't believe anyone wasted the time to study this especially enough to find typos. I just had a bout of silliness -- when I should have been writing, mind you.

And I should be proofing some new Chapters I've recently received, but what am I doing? Trying to figure out how to translate latin drivel. Geesh.

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By the way, I think I just realized. None of you can actually read and write latin, right? You're all google or babelfish translating, aren't you? Grrr. It's not nice to play with wolves. At least, not safe. :icon5:

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"I can't believe anyone wasted the time to study this especially enough to find typos. I just had a bout of silliness -- when I should have been writing, mind you." -- Wibby

If you think I actually studied that to find typos, you're out of your mind. I was being funny. All right? Jeeeeze!

So maybe the humor doesn't translate into Latin, if that's what it was. Or into jibberish, which is more likely.


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It may be phony, mixed-up Latin, but it's called greeked text.

Admittedly, it's probably all that printing ink and solvents.

Haha, "Aldus PageMaker." That brings back memories.

I've always thought the strangest made-up word in there has to be, "zzril."

I've had more than one person look at lorem ipsum text and object to the word, "molestiae" in it. One person thought someone was playing a sick joke. Another thought it would reflect badly on his project. (Huh? It's a mockup, a comp, it'd never appear in a real publication....) Oh well. -- Also, it means merely "bother" in French and Spanish, and the original Latin.

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