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Happy New Year

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Ha ha ha. AAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhh. Guess what, you weren't the first on MY computer. I think what happens is that everyone has their own local times, so on mine, in my time zone, I was first, and your post, in your time zone, is still marked as being Dec 31 on my computer.

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It's not MY rules. I didn't even realize that 'the system' does it that way, but we all know hard it is to not be sucked into 'the system', right?

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You could try lighting me up. :icon_geek:

Er...If you say so.

*Splashes Trab with Isopropylene*

Waitasec. Was that innuendo? 'Cause if it was innuendo, you should probably wash that off. You know, before somebody strikes a match or something.

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