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Time change?

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Did you if you should have? My comp and cable box did auto. Only one other clock in the house and did it by hand.

Just a reminder.

And I'm bored.

Adn teh doarb si to quite.

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What I can't understand is why they don't just advance the clock half an hour as a compromise, and just leave it alone year round.

BTW, note that, contrary to legend, Benjamin Franklin did not invent or propose Daylight Savings Time. It was done in the 1900s by an Englishman named William Willett.

Yet another useless factoid we didn't need to know.

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Only two of mine moved themselves, my computer and my cell phone. The rest, all 14 of them, had to be done by hand. I actually have another 4 or so to do, but I'll leave it till later (car has two, and two in my briefcase). And no, I'm not fixated on punctuality.

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Finally, my clocks are back on the right time.

Much like Elecivil's mis-matching socks, I rebel by refusing to switch my clocks.

It drives both of my friends nuts, as I tend to be an hour late for functions. Though now they've learned to lie to me about the time they want me to show up.


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A REAL rebel would have all the clocks mismatched by minutes as well as hours, and at ALL times of the year, and in all different amounts and directions. I think you're just one of those poser rebels; not a true rebel at all. :flasher[1]::shock: :shock: :shock:

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I've noticed that the forum had not switched, as it is now 12:22 here, but it shows as posting at 11:22. Bad, bad, bad. Naughty, naughty, naughty.

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When I stopped work way back in 1994 because the idiot owners of the cinema chain I worked for couldn't sell private parts in a brothel let alone a movie in a theatre, I gave up wearing a watch altogether. That showed 'em.

Despite working in other places, I have not worn a watch since.

The cell phone thinks it knows what the time it is, as does the computer, the stove and the coffee machine.

The TV, VCR and DVD player live in a time zone all of their own because whenever the BF changes the channel, a tape or a disk, he somehow manages to change the time as well. The DVD player I suspect is running on Klingon hours as the display makes no sense to me.

The car clock is unreadable as the plastic face has crazed in the ozone free sunlight.

The microwave oven has a mechanical timer that couldn't care less what era it is from and just whirrs away until it has burnt everything to a crisp.

It's just as well I have such good personal timing or I wouldn't know when to... um, enjoy the simple pleasures, shall I say. :shock:

Oh well,

I've got the sun in the morning,

And the moon at night.

(from Annie Get Your Gun.)


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UGh I hate the time change. Changing all the clocks is such a pain. Most of them are easy but there are a few that need a special trick like standing on one foot while whistling dixie.

By the time I get them all, it'll be time to roll them back again.

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Well, obviously, if you have to stand on one foot and whistle Dixie when setting them, they're Southern clocks, and so probably don't tell the correct time anyway, just the Southern version of the time, which is mixed up with fundamentalistic religious views and questionable stances on race relations and eating shellfish in non-R months and thinking the South won the war and all its generals were smarter than all the North's generals.

I think your problem began when you came into possession of these clocks in the first place. You probaby should have foreseen the problem when you first read the directions on how to set them and saw the one foot dealie. Whistling wouldn't cause great concern, but my understanding is many Southerners drink to excess, probably so they can forget they live in the land of chiggers and water moccasins, and so the standing on one foot part would make the clock setting impossible for some, and downright dangerous for others, especially those who take a mind to set their clocks while positioning themselves precariously at the top the cellar stairs. Everyone knows the lurking dangers abiding in Southern cellars. That's where they keep Bubba chained up.

My advice is to get rid of all those clocks. Buy some new ones, ones that were made in the North. They'll give you the correct time, you don't need to cut your stability in half while setting them, and knowing how to whisle or the words to Dixie is a matter of no consequence.

I have no answers for the chiggers or moccasins.


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But they are from Taiwan...? :hehe:

When I see Taiwan, I immediately think 'a twain', because unfortuantely that's the way my mind works, and 'a twain' reminds me of 'the twain' and it sets me to remembering old Rudyard and him going on about East being East and West being West and never... but you know how that goes, and it doesn't say anything about North and South, which we were discussing, so actually you've got me so turned around and feeling so discombobulated even I'm whistling Dixie.

Someone pass the blackeyed peas, please.


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Someone pass the blackeyed peas, please.



Be sure to get some iced tea, jalepino cornbread and don't miss the buttermilk/lemon-pepper fried chicken. :hehe:

If a few of my clocks aren't set, please ignore.

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Be sure to get some iced tea, jalepino cornbread and don't miss the buttermilk/lemon-pepper fried chicken. - JS

Oh, wow! Jalapeno cornbread! That sounds wonderful. And the chicken! We in other parts of the country rarely see real fried chicken any longer. All the current worry about cholesterol has resulted in chicken that's grilled or broiled or baked, frequently with the skin removed.

I've been in Georgia a couple of times over the years but haven't seen those two items on the menu there. Maybe I have to go, where, Alabama or Mississippi? It does sound worth it.


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