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Collapse of Bear Stearns

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I'm hearing from various sources that Bear Stearns has collapsed.

BBC News report - collapse of Bear Stearns

I wish to scotch the rumour as totally unfounded - there's nothing wrong with my stern - it is as healthy as the rest of me and fully functional.

I would also like to take this opportunity to ask the media to refrain from idle speculation such as the following from the above linked news report: "just how big is Bear Stearns?" I consider that to be my business and not an appropriate topic for public discussion.

Thank you all for respecting my wishes in this matter.


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Something that bears thought: After Bear Stearns is Chased, is he then still chaste? I should think not, but perhaps that's for the best. In any case, doubtless the Bear is more bare than before. One other thought gives pause: Bear may be bigger after he's run the Chase. One never knows.

"Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear Chase Leads Morgan to the J.P."

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