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I have it on good authority that April 3 marks the fourth birthday of Awesome Dude. In California, it's still time to celebrate!

Congratulations, Dudester. I look forward to a long relationship with this unique cyber-corner of gay-themed literature and intellectual commentary. :wav: And to thoughts that ain't so grand.

(Jack cleans up the raccoon mess and shuffles off to stage right. "Damn, those friggin' rabbit pellets," he says to himself as he steps aside to miss colliding with a bunny herd. His protective mode is on full alert when he sees a cluster of kitties in the wings. 'The Dude must be nearby by,' Jack concludes, as he puts on his mirrored sunglasses, 'Palm Springs will never be the same.')

Jack :icon_geek:

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HB indeed. Where are those male cheerleaders when you need them? Oh well. M & M's will have to do. :icon_geek::wav:

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An awesome happy fourth birthday for the AwesomeDude

from the land downunder.

May His Awesomeness be surrounded by Awesome Dudes forever.

And a great big Awesome thank you for this Awesome place on the net.


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While our Dude is the Dude and truly awesome, he is not the AwesomeDude. The actual AwesomeDude is pictured on the front page and also introduces TR's recent Tiny Tails - to wit, a feline Dude.

Small point of clarification.

:bunny: TR, AD Forum member #38 (the order we joined AD Forums)

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