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Coon tracks

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Our coon is famous, as are his proclivities. This from Sports Illustrted:

On the 1st hole I park my drive in the right rough. There I find my stance impeded by a formidable deposit of racoon s---. I'm certain of its provenance because, unlike the average golfer, I have raised raccoons and cleaned up after them.

What's the official ruling here--do I get a free drop from animal droppings? Perhaps it depends on the species of critter: no relief from rabbit pellets; two club lengths from a bear pile. I'm guessing that the issue seldom arises at Agusta. After a short deliberation, I briskly disperse the coon doo with my seven-iron.

Now we know: Wibby lives by a golf course.

And is up to his usual misbehavior.


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I was watching a rerun of America's Funniest Video's last night and they ran a clip on feeding animal. The longest clip was of a woman feeding Wibby on her back patio. She ended up feeding Wibby and 24 of his friends and family.

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