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Cat vs Raccoon

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Lots of typical behaviors in those two videos. One, the cat attacks the peaceful raccoon, even though there is more food available than it wants, going for the eyes as these vicious creatures will. Two, the cat becomes disdainful of the entire tiring enterprise very quickly, probably figuring more fighting will cut into its nap time.

Then, of course, while the cat evinces disenchantment with it all as too much activity and simply watches as the 'coon decides it's lunchtime, the'coon hogs out, as these fat scavengers will do. The cat's attitude is quite obvious: hey, why should I get all exercised? My big dummy will simply buy me more food. No point in me getting my panties all in a twist!

Then, of course, at the end, the opportunistic 'coon, not happy in having stolen the cat's lunch but full to capacity from all that high-fat cat food, comes back and steals all it can hold in it's grubby paws before leaving.

I know, there is a faction here, a sick faction, that will say the 'coon is taking that food to feed its babies, and only dined first to keep up its strength for the return to its nest. Such are the dreamers and romantics that populate the web. Ignore them.


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