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County okays emu, limits goats

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Guest Fritz

From the linked article,

However, on Tuesday the local Board of Supervisors ruled that the couple could keep the animals, provided they build a 6-foot wall and keep male and female goats separate.

You're just jealous.

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They're keeping the male and female goats separate? Well, those poor goats are gonna be very unhappy. Though perhaps not all of 'em.... Now how is Farmer Bubba going to explain that one to Junior?

No emus? That's not very emu-zing is it?

(Sorry, my powers of punnage are a bit frayed and afraid at the moment.)

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No, I meant Goats ... honestly I did ... I did, I did, I did!

Anyway, why on earth would I want to malign such a sweet a creature as a Raccoon? They're fluffy (especially - apparently - after a bath), erudite, witty, and great dinner company, too. :icon_geek:


ps Emus are not known for telling porkies. Honest, guv. :stare:

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