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Boo the Orange Tabby (1993-2010) went to hunt with LongCat in the ForEverGlade today.

He had been suffering from a prolonged decline in his health and sudden onset kidney failure.

Boo was preceded in death by his mate of 9 years Sissy the Calico.

He was a long time member of St. Fluffy of the Sacred Hairball Cat-o-lick Church.

He will be greatly missed by both his human and cat companions as a sweet old cat who never growled at anyone but dogs.

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Oh my God, James.

I can honesly say I know how you must feel.

I am sure you will never forget him, nor will I as he graced your Author Page from the first...

R.I.P, dear Boo.

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Very sorry to hear about Boo, James. We lost our 14-year-old cat Tuffy earlier this year (diabetes), and it was much more wrenching than I expected.

You have our total sympathies. Hang in there...

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I'm going to miss Boo reading over my shoulder.

His health has obviously been declining over the last year so it didn't come as a complete shock.

Boo's understudy Rambo will be taking over the duties of Alpha cat.


Rambo is scary smart and a little psycho. We should get along just fine.

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