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Story I'm enjoying

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Geez Cole! No Link? I suppose you want me to get it myself, huh? :)

Opps, there goes the dryer buzzer. Now I have to go and get the laundry out of the dryer and put it on hangers before the shirts wrinkle. So how am I supposed to have the time to go search IOMFATS all by myself, huh?

Okay, I'm searching now.

Opps, there goes the microwave buzzer. Now I've got to get the melted butter out of the microwave so that I can prepare the hollandaise sauce for the asparagus for tonight's dinner. Oh, the dogs just ran away after a jack rabbit. Not to worry though; the rabbits are too fast and the dogs have never caught one in the past five years that we've had them.

Okay, back to searching now.

Opps, the phone's ringing.

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This is awful. AWFUL!

Not the story, the story I like a lot. But I have so much I should be doing and now I'm not. Oh, thanks for the link, Trab. At least I didn't have to hunt for it.

Anyway, please, when I'm supposed to be doing important things (reedin ritin rithmatic personal primping), don't recommend great things to read, ok ... or should that be okay? ;)

Good, init! :)


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Damn! I forget to provide a link one time, ONE TIME!, and what do I get? People misdirected all over the map, that's what! I like Timmy's site, and like directing people there. Not that I have anything against any of the others.

I guess I thought, if I said IOMFATS, everyone would have that in their Favorites list, so navigation would be easy. I never considered dryers and cell phones and microwaves. Come on, guys! Get a life.

And how do we go from drying clothes to catching jackrabbits and personal primping, anyway?


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...I never considered dryers and cell phones and microwaves....

Cole, don't forget keyboards. These guys are supposed to be writing. And... that includes you.

Colin :hehe:

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This author is one of the guys who pre-read my stories for me, and in return I do some editing for him, so I know him and his writing pretty well. And this is probably his best story yet, so I have no hesitation in recommending it.

So turn off your dryer and your microwave, unplug the phone, disconnect the doorbell - hell, pull the main fuse - and then get over to IOMFATS and start reading!

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Damn! I forget to provide a link one time, ONE TIME!, and what do I get?

I don't know, Cole, but I get Justice, fair and square.

I read JJ's first posting, "Bob The Wonder Boy" on CRVBOY, and have read everything since; he had style coming in and is, IMO, a shining example of what consistant effort can do with a bit of talent.

My favorite of his remains "Constantin", but I agree with Gothy that this is probably his best writing, craft-wise. Don't ask me why or how I know that, I don't know how you guys do whatever it is you're doing, I just enjoy it, enjoy it A LOT, or enjoy it more. :icon_geek:

Thanks for delivering some well-deserved credit where it was long over-due, Cole. Author support of other authors is part of the strength of this community, and what encourages you all to write some more is a service to readers as well.


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Cole, I still think your story On the High Plains of Wyoming is one of the best ever. I've re-read it twice and it still makes the hair on the nape of my neck tickle.


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