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The Wish

Guest Dabeagle

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Guest Dabeagle

*Minor Spoiler Alert*

I used to love Stephen King, and The Stand was one of my favorite stories of his. The Stand deals with a super flu that gets out of a lab and kills a massive portion of the population of the world. Now this isn't that story, but there are certain elements that remind me of that genre of story.

So there I was happily devouring chapters, watching the clock as I had to leave for an appointment, and then I got to a particular chapter and the universe took a left turn.

This is a fun read, and quirky. Give it a shot.

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Guest Dabeagle

You've eaten too much oil and grease (not to mention lube) over the years to taste anything non-petroleum based.

Get your mind out of the gutter, there isn't room for the both of us.

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Nice story. I wrote Gee about my predictions about future chapters and seen that part of it came thru.

Will be waiting on future chapters with baited breath.

No, I don't think my breath smells like bait.........

Where's that old 'coon when we need him? He used to rail mightily every time someone would talk about baited breath, rather than bated breath. I can't stand in for him in any way, shape or form, but will use this as a way of wishing he were still here.


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Guest Dabeagle
Nice story. I wrote Gee about my predictions about future chapters and seen that part of it came thru.

By the way he said some readers guessed some of where he was going. You weren't mentioned. :icon_geek:

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Thanks for the accolades folks.

I've had a few guesses that have some elements of what's going on, yup. But nobody has actually totally nailed it yet. Now, if you all compared notes...

Hopefully I'll still have few surprises in store though. Just wait until characters from all of the other AD stories start appearing in the next chapter!

Hmm, maybe not, probably some kind of copyright thingy if I did that. Oh well. Think of the fun I could have though...

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Wow! One of the best things I've read all year. That sharp left turn was terrific, BTW -- totally unexpected!

If this isn't a Best of Nifty candidate, I dunno what is. Terrific job, Gee! (Or should I call you Whillakers?)

Definitely some Stephen King influences, but I'm a huge King fan -- despite my not liking his last few books.

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Any story that mentions "Schrodinger's cat" is cool by me. A+!

I'm reminded of the ongoing story arc in Fringe, where there's two simultaneous universes, and problems caused when characters try to travel back and forth between them.

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