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The Meaning of Living

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This is a story I first encountered on Dabeagle's site, and I've read it half-a-dozen times because I love it. Yet I'm afraid to start reading The Meaning of Living each time because it just blows me away. I know I'm going to have a long, pensive evening ahead when I finish it, a thoughtful evening while I examine and reexamine the issues and themes this story so wonderfully evokes. This story about a learning experience is a learning experience, and if I had my way I'd put The Meaning of Living on the required reading list in all of our public schools.


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Like James, I read The Meaning of Living on Dabeagle's site; it seems a long time ago. Again like James, I agree that it's as good to read again as it was to read the first time. It is a wonderful and reassuring and important story. For me it tells not only how life should be but how it can be, and why friendship is so important.

Colin :lol:

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Guest Dabeagle

I'm afraid I'm a little behind in my responses, and of course everything else in life. I'm so pleased that this story continues to find new people and that those people seem to be touched by it. There is a lot of background from my own life that colors this story, and it was fun to bring it out. Thanks for all the positive response.

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