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An Open Message of Thanks

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Hello All (and I do mean everyone),

I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks to The Dude for, well for creating this site. I've only known about this site for a week, and there really aren't any stories here that I read and did not enjoy.

I wanted to send out special thanks to a few extra talented authors whose work has been uplifting to read (in no particular order):

EleCivil - Your work is so genuine and unique that I think I'm a little taken by you. (I hope that sounded more complimentary than creepy :) )

Cole Parker - I read everything you've written in about 2 days. Thank you.

Dabeagle - I'd just like to politely demand more `wayward son'.

Gee Whillikers - `The Wish' was great! And as a physicist I have to say a special thank you for writing the physics bits so well.

Ryan Keith - The `Kayden' series is a hugely compelling.

I hope you all understand that your work is so much more than well crafted stories, that they are a source of hope and inspiration.

Again, to everyone, Thank You.

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Oh boy, we're appreciated!!

First things first: Welcome, Colin! Good to have you with us, especially if you're going to say nice things about our writings! We love to get feedback, it encourages us to write more and, sometimes, if the feedback is critical, to write better. It's very nice to know you are out there, and enjoying our offerings here at AD. It's a wonderful place, everyone here is friendly, no-one bites unless you get between them and their food bowl, and there's lots of great stuff to read.

We're delighted to offer our stories for you to read, and if you let us know what you thought of them we'll roll over, stick our legs in the air and present our tummies to be stroked!

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Guest Dabeagle

Is it possible to politely demand?

I'm glad your enjoying it, and while the next chapter is going through the editing process and the one to follow is in my head, I write slow. Mostly. But I'm glad you are enjoying it and took the time to say so.

I refuse to put my legs in the air for belly rubs or otherwise, despite what Bruin says.

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Thanks Colin. That's an awful lot of reading to be done in two days. You must be a speed reader! And to think of the hours and hour and hours it took me to write all that.

I recently got an email from a kid, barely a teenager, who also told me he'd read all my stories. He said he'd done it in less than a week.

I think I have to write more complicated stories!

But I love the fact people are reading what I write. It's humbling to get mail from all over the world, and all of it nice.

Thanks again, Colin. I do appreciate it.


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Welcome, Colin!

WOW! You've read that many stories in just a week?!? Then again, I remember when I first found some quality story sites and how much time I spent reading..... :wave:

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Welcome, and thank you!

To hear a compliment like that from a physicist is humbling to say the least. I'm well aware of the ridiculous simplificiation and gratuitous stretching of reality in that story, so thank you for your kind words.

As for the accolades to the other writers here, well, all I can say is that I agree wholeheartedly!

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